How to Export Deposit & Withdrawal History from KuCoin

You may need your KuCoin deposit and withdrawal history to file your income taxes during the tax season. KuCoin now allows users to export their history at any time. This article outlines how to export your deposit and withdrawal history and provides some general tips.


Instructions for exporting deposit & withdrawal history.

Step 1: Go to and visit the Assets page, then click Deposit & Withdrawal History in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Choose between deposit and withdrawal history, select the range, then click Export to CSV.


At present, you can only export deposit and withdrawal history for no more than 100 days. You will have to export multiple times if you require over 100 days of history.


You can export your history up to 5 times a day.

If you require further assistance in completing, your cryptocurrency transaction summary template provided to you Crypto Consulting Pty Ltd, please reach out to one of our cryptocurrency-certified examiners via email or on the phone. 

NOTE: Remember, the more detail you include in your transaction summary template, the more accurate the cryptocurrency tracing results from our cryptocurrency recovery experts.

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